Friday, July 4, 2014

Im Home from Vacation!

The Middle Fabric is my choice to cover my kitchen Chairs and bench seats. 
I just returned home from my vacation to Galveston Island Texas with my grown kids and grandkids.  I had a wonderful time there, our vacation beach home was beautiful, I loved the Decor, and I enjoyed sitting on the porch listening to the sounds of the waves as the tides would come in and out in the early morning and late evening.  Needless to say I did not do a lot of quilting or sewing while there, I didn't even bring a needle or thread with me.  An to be sure as soon as my granddaughter Echo came she brought me her Big Stuffed Bear that needed repair.  I had to tell her that grandma couldn't fix him till she got some thread and a needle.  Well to the rescue comes my youngest daughter.  she picked up a sewing repair kit from a motel she had stayed at.  So mr Bear did get a repair with hugs and thank yous from Echo.... my only sewing on the lovely vacation I'm happy to report.  On the return trip home I did make a stops at local quilt shop in Baton Rouge Louisiana, "  The Red Stick Quilt Shop", my GPS led me to their old address so I called them and found them - a lovely shop full of "Goodies" - lots of eye candy - for a quilter that means "FABRIC - FABRIC - AND MORE FABRIC! They had displays of all sorts.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

My Quilting/Sewing Arts Studio is beginning to take shape

It will be three weeks tomorrow since I have arrived here in Tennessee.  I am enjoying this area, the beauty of nature is all around me from the birds singing in the trees and flitting from one feeder to another to the lovely Yucca plant that is flowering in my neighbor's garden, the mountains are an awesome sight as I drive around to do my daily errands, the people are very friendly.  Roses are in bloom all over along side the roads and in the gardens.  I am slowly getting things put away and working on my sewing room to co-ordinate were I want things to go.  Today my friend Valoriea and I picked up a few bookshelves and cabinets at the local yard sales for my sewing area.  Yesterday I went on a shop hop to a few local quilt shops in the surrounding area.  The Cherry Pit & Red Barn Quilts in Seviersville and Holloway's Country Home in Cosby.  I enjoyed the day out traveling the roads to these shops.  You can read about my excursion on my blog: "Creative Lady's Enthusiastic Thoughts" 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Bags of Love Group

 Yesterday I went to my 1st "Bags of Love" Group with Valoriea.  What a lovely group of lady's who get together to make quilts with love, for children who are in need. These quilts are given to children who are taken from the homes raided by the police because their parents have been making drugs.  These children are taken away with nothing because all the belongings are contaminated.  Each child receives a large Drawstring bag with an outer pocket.  The bags include a quilt that is age appropriate, a pillow and a soft toy along with a bag of necessities, (placed in the outer pocket).  How precious to know that these are lovingly made.  The Group coordinates these needed bags with several surrounding counties Social Services Dept's and has been ongoing for quite a few years.   I feel blessed to be welcomed into their group.

Yesterday I was hand tieing this beautifully Hand Embroidered quilt.  Each block has a puppy playing in a field of flowers.  How sweet.  Each lady works on a different aspect of the quilt - Valoriea was doing piecework on her quilt, the others were stuffing pillows and sewing labels on the finished quilts and others were cutting kits to be made into finished quilts using a log cabin pattern.  Around noon everyone stopped to have a potluck lunch.  They meet every Monday.

This group reminds me of the fleece quilts we cut and tie for the Koran's every other Tuesday at 1st Baptist 3rd and Vine and the labor of love that goes into them.  I will miss my Tuesday quilting group with Gwen, Frank & Katherine and will think of them with love as I attend this new Monday group.  I encourage our other Quilter's to take time and join them, I found it it to be such a special time of fellowship for me. 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

My Challenge of the Month!

Yes Notions, Yeah My Quintet Sewing Machine, Great my Brother 

I've arrived safley from Hudson Wisconsin to my new home here in Newport Tennessee.  Now my Challenge this month is to find my "stuff" in the numerous boxes that are packed and stacked in each room and determine were they will go.  I finally have my quintet sewing machine unwrapped from the safety of its shrink wrap and bubble wrap and set up and plugged in on my sewing table... now to find my other stuff. At least I have my 1st box of notions, My Singer Quintet Plugged in and my Brother Sewing Machine handy when I go to classes.  Now for all the other stuff in the other side of the room... at least some of the boxes are marked and I can find the baby quilt tops I'm working on.  well it will feel like Christmas unwrapping all the unmarked boxes to discover it's treasures...  Whew! I tired already and all I did was look... LOL

My Sewing Table for now!

my boxes - some I was able to write contents on and some ????  

Oh no! I found more boxes in the living room that belong here! 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Technique: Using the digital camera when laying out your quilt design.

using a digital camera to help with placement of blocks and color values

Technique: using a digital camera to aid in layout arrangement and color value of your quilt top

Today at my quilting club at The Point on 3rd & Vine my friend Gwen was laying out her squares for the "Rag Quilt" she was making.  She had laid out her layered flannel 6" squares in a pleasing pattern and asked for me to check it out.  her layout looked good but I had my digital camera with me and remembered a tip a friend had given me about color values & layout arrangement using the camera to help me see it better.  So I did take a picture and showed it to Gwen.  we both noticed that the 2 squares in horizontal row 4 & 5 (third  vertical row from the right) seemed to be almost the same color value and give the top a white patch in that area.  So we switched the block placement and as you can see in the bottom photo was a more pleasing arrangement.  The camera on your cell phone would work just as well.

Have you tried this technique yourself?  Share your thoughts about it.

switching the blocks gives the layout a more pleasing arrangement.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Custom Bundle of Fabric From My Stash

My Fabric Stash Bundle of fat quarters

Well Monday March 10th just passed and I created a new  - Custom Bundle of Fabric From My Stash using the color scheme Alyssa from Pile O' Fabric has created with fabrics from my Fabric Stash.  This is the 2nd bundle that I have created using fat quarters and fat eights .  What a great way to  organize my fabric bundles and threads.  On the back of the picture I wrote down the fabric name (If known) and Threads that I have to match.  I did not find red thread to match this bundle. 
all bundled up

Pile O' Fabrics stash share bundle

Glue Basting a great tutorial.


I have been glue basting my pieced projects for a while now learning the basics from  Cristy Fincher at . Here is a great tutorial from Alyssa at Pile O' Fabric I wanted to share with you here.  You can even get a discount at Purple Daisies when ordering the tips/glue from their site. (use coupon code: Inspiring to get 15% off - Per Pile O' Fabric)

March's Paper Pieced Postcard BOM Blocks

Paper Pieced Postcard Block Mug Rug
Today it is bright and sunny out and 21 degrees. I plan to spend the day inside working on completing more projects. I finished my March Paper Pieced Postcard Block # 3 for my BOM in my Facebook group "Quilting".  I made it into a  mug rug yesterday morning just in time to wrap it as a Birthday gift to my Eldest son Raymond & gave it to him later in the day when I went to visit. He seemed pleased with his gift.  

Over the weekend I finished my March Paper Pieced Postcard Block # 2 and made it into a small mug rug for my Son-in-Law to be Thomas in greens since he is Irish and appliqued a wool shamrock on it for him to use on his desk at work.  
Paper Pieced Postcard Block Small Mug Rug with Shamrock Applique

Now I still need to make 3 more Blocks for March, one I will save as a block to make into a wall hanging for Dec, another as a mug rug for me and the third as a gift to my youngest Son Earl who's birthday is later this
month.  Wow I think I really got hooked on this March Block

Here are PP Postcard Blocks # 1, 2 3 unfinished. The 1st Block will become a Postcard and Block # 2 & 2 were made into the mug rugs you see above. 

What are you planning to do today?

Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Time Flowers Mug Rug Swap

Springtime Flowers Mug Rug Swap
The Spring Time Flowers Mug Rug Swap over at Michelle's Quilting Gallery and follow along on the Face Book Quilting Gallery Swaps Group 
Ive decided to join along on the Springtime Flowers Mug Rug Swap.  We just finished with the previous swap doing Olympic mug rugs and it was fun. So I am excited to start on these 2.  I do enjoy Patchworth Smith.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Check out what I've been doing today

Today I finished a mug rug I want to give as a gift using my paper pieced Postcard BOM pattern for March.  It is in Green and I am going to applique a shamrock on it.   This small mug is a Gift for my Irish Son-in-Law to be so he can use it at his desk at work.   I also am working on a red mug rug for a gift for my eldest son & I will make a blue mug rug for my youngest son.  All will be birthday gifts this month.  I will need to make two additional rug mugs for march to put in my completed projects bin for future gifts.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

I Created My Custom Bundle of Fabric From My Stash - Easter Colors

Color Scheme from Pile O' Fabric's Stash Share

My Custom bundle of fabrics from my stash.
Did I tell you that I have decided to organize my fabric stash of fat Quarters so I created a custom bundle using the color scheme from Pile O' Fabric for this week. I love the color scheme for this week. Easter Colors, Dust Blue, Mustard, Regal, Violet, Tulip, and Rose.  I also gathered up matching threads.  The bright print is from Springs Industries "952 "Florence Allover", the dark tulip is a cotton I picked up at the West Virginia Quilt Shop last summer on my way to my cousin's wedding; the pink floral is Classic Cottons/FCI 1991 the three others were purchased in various Stores a while back so  I do not know were they are from.  I enjoyed playing with my fabrics although I had difficulty with my pink's since there were many shades.
My Bundle all tied up.
I was able to print out the color scheme on photo paper and after gathering my fabrics together I tied them together in a pretty bow and placed the picture under the bow.  Now to look at the other color schemes she has and make more custom bundles from my stash.   

Monday, March 3, 2014

"You Have My Heart"

A Mug Rug for my granddaughter's Birthday

Lately I have been doing a lot of  paper piecing and working on a series of Paper Pieced Hearts. The free Pattern is from Nancy Zieman's Blog and is so cute.  I have made several and plan to use them as gifts.  I call this project "You Have My Heart" and have already done several.and my 1st one has been already sent to my granddaughter Echo as a mug rug for her hot cocoa. I included a bow and a little doll with it.... too cute and I hope she enjoys it.  I had fun with the quilting on the 2 mug rugs I show below.  check out the closeup.  I was having so much fun with quilting the heart that before I knew it I had been sitting at my sewing machine almost an hour.  Since I am now 5 weeks post back surgery I find my endurance is returning and I am loving it.

I enjoyed the quilting I did with this heart

  I enjoyed piecing this heart mug rug but am not happy with my color choices.  Now to do sew more.  after I print out more sheets.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

I finished a few projects this morning!. Yeah!

a look at the back
This morning I was able to be in my sewing studio and finished several projects.  The 1st project is my Paper Pieced Postcard BOM for February that I am working on for my Facebook Group - Quilting.  I used vintage lace embellishments on block #'s 2 & 3, I used lace from my wedding gown, (circa 1961), on the corner piece leftover from the Satin & Lace Hankie - "Something Old", I made for the Bride, my Granddaughter Caroline's Wedding in January 2014.  I also completed my Winter Olympic Mug Rugs - a Swap project - done and ready for mailing to my partner. After my partner Susan L receives them I'll be able to put up the pictures. 

It was so nice to be able to sit at my sewing machine for more than 30 minuets and actually work on a project to completion and even start on another.  Its been 3 1/2 weeks since my back surgery and each day brings more comfort with doing my everyday chores/fun stuff.  I haven't yet been out and about as freely as I would like but that too will come.  My endurance for day outings is still down to about 1 - 2 hrs at a time before I tire and need to rest.  The outside weather hasn't cooperated either.  Thursday/Friday brought about 10 inches of snow and drifts.  last eve they came and plowed out my driveway and then came back and snowblowed out my sidewalk but left an 10" x 12" x 3' wide patch of snow against my porch door making it impossible to open the door.  I was concerned and annoyed and before going to bed I texted my son to see if he could come over early Sat morn to shovel that out.  I was relived to find that this morning they had come back to shovel me out.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

My February Finish will be!!!!!

I have chosen the "Choo Choo Dinoz" baby quilt as my February
Finish this year.  It is mostly pieced and ready for the borders, then needs to sandwiched, quilted and binding applied.  Today I am 6 days post-op from my recent back Surgery that was done on Jan 27th.  I had wanted to finish it before the 25th for my little great grandson Emmett but because of my talents were needed to do some tailoring for the Mother of the Bride and myself I wasn't able to finish it.  I did bring it with me to show Mommy, (the Brides Sister), how far I had gotten with it.  but with the prep for the wedding and surgery has put me behind schedule by 2 - 3 weeks.  that's OK life does get in the way sometimes when we least expect it... The pattern for this baby quilt is a little more difficult than I had imagined but I did enjoy working with the fabrics.             My Button

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Baby Quilt on the make - My Quilting Projects

This Cute! Pattern from Studio E Fabrics was a challenge to work with. Not a pattern for a beginner quilter.  "Choo Choo Dinoz" is made using a panel of baby dinoz and some great fabrics.  I was asked to complete this quilt by my granddaughter Bobby Jean for her little boy Emmett.  It is ready for borders now and I will be backing it with minky fabric which is soft and cuddly.  Just what a little guy needs.  I am hoping to have this done by the end of next week.  

Then on to my next project - a quilt for my great grandson Ethan.  "Dr Seuss" - I completed the quilt top during the early summer and can't wait to complete it.  During my travels this past summer I was able to get a Cat in the Hat panel that I want to use for the backing at the Eagle Creek Quilt Shop in Shakopee, MN.  

this past week I was able to deliver my "Winnie the Pooh" baby quilt for my granddaughter Amelia.  I had also completed the quilt top earlier this summer and finished quilting the top just this past week.  I enjoyed making this pattern.  it was a disappering nine patch using Winnie the Pooh 7 1/2" squares along with 30's fabric.  In my travels this summer I was able to pick up Winnie The Pooh fabric for $4 a pound in a great little shop - the West Virginia Quilt Shop in barboursville W VA


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

more finishes for finish Friday this week

The Paper Pieced Crazy Quilted Postcard Mug Rug yesterday but was unable to upload a picture here on my blog. I am having trouble with my internet  explorer and can't seem to get on blogspot to write so I am writing from my tablet.  Thank goodness.  You can see a picture of it on my facebook page Quilting and Sewing or the FB group Quilting.  This is a picture of it unbound.  You can see Block #'s 1 & 2 in my previous blog, (which was meant to be posted on Friday.).  Block 3 is also finished  in shades of blue, I haven't crazy quilted it yet, it will be saved as a 4 1/2" x 6 1/2"  block and sewn together with the 12 other BOM's made over the course of the year.

My Crazy Quilted Postcard BOM Block #2 used in a Mug Rug.  

Monday, January 6, 2014

my 1st Friday Finishes for 2014

 Here is my 1st Friday Finishes for 2014

I decided to join the QUILTING group on Face book for their monthly BOM - a Paper Pieced Postcard, rug-mug & wall quilt.  Each month we will be given a Paper piecing pattern to use to make all 3 - I completed my Pieced Postcard Block #1 and am working on my mug rug. Since I love paper piecing I do think I will Enjoy these projects.  

I have finished my Pieced Postcard Block #2 and have made it into a mug rug. it just needs binding and it will be complete. 
Pieced and Quilted PostCard Block #2

a close up of the crazy quilting I did on this block

This is the Rug Mug made using Pieced & Quilted Postcard Block #2